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Why Choose Us?


Eco-Friendly Excellence

We provide and use only the highest quality recyclable materials.


Friendly Service

Professional and Friendly Movers and Staff - Your move will never be understaffed.


20 Years in Moving

20 years combined moving experience led us to know you as a customer.

About Us

EEEMoving, a New York-based moving company, excels in eco-friendly, customer-oriented services. With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in hassle-free, careful moving, epitomized by leader Ramil's adept handling of the bustling city environment. Known for their professional, friendly approach, we offer affordable, efficient relocations, treating possessions like our own. Our dedication to smooth, stress-free moves makes them a top choice for navigating the complexities of moving in NYC.

With our movers, your move will be comfortable and stress-free.

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Choose One of Our Moving Services

House Moving

We understand the importance and caution when moving. House moving service provides:

  • Neat packing of your belongings

  • Guaranteed fixed rate

  • Caution during moving

Office Moving

We know the importance of your business, so the move will be completed in a short time. Office moving provides:

  • Speed and quality

  • Moving large and small items

  • Protective packaging of your equipment

Long Distance Moving

Our service will help you make your move smoother and more comfortable. Long distance moving provides:

  • Exact arrival and delivery times

  • Packing your items with high quality materials

  • Protecting your items from weather conditions

Local Moving

We are aware of the difficulties of moving from different buildings. Local moving provides:

  • Careful lowering and lifting of your belongings

  • Fixed rate

  • Careful packaging of large and small items

EEEMoving Advantages: Fast and comfy Moving Service in NY

  • The high quality standards we adhere to are a reflection of our past experiences

  • Experienced movers with more than 15 years of experience

  • Constantly improving quality based on customer reviews

  • Wide range of moving services, from the smallest to the largest

  • Capable of fulfilling complex moves in New York

  • We have impressive speed and comfort of movement


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